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Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Loveland, CO

Compared to many other regions, the weather in Loveland, CO is relatively moderate. Even so, summer temperatures can be scorching while winter weather is often bone-chilling.

Did you know that air conditioning is useful in the cold as well as the heat? Your vehicle’s A/C draws moisture out of the air inside your car, to make it more comfortable and to help clear your foggy windows. Without any leaks, your A/C loses five percent efficiency every year, meaning you’ll eventually need auto air conditioning repairs no matter what.

Expert Auto Air Conditioning Repairs in Loveland, CO

Turn to Stan’s Auto Service in Loveland when you need reliable, affordable auto air conditioning for your vehicle. We service foreign makes such as VW, Toyota and BMW, domestic makes like Ford, Dodge and GMC, and even service RV chassis air conditioning systems. Our friendly staff members endeavor to make each service visit pleasant and comfortable, while performing expert auto air conditioning repairs on your vehicle.

Since 1984, Stan’s Auto Service has been providing reliable repairs– including auto air conditioning– from our current location, and for generations before that as well. The technicians at Stan’s Auto Service are ASE-Certified and have years of expertise diagnosing and repairing A/C concerns, including compressor failure on the Toyota Corolla, A/C refrigerant line leaks on the Dodge Caravan, and evaporator replacement on the Chevy Camaro.

Whether you need an auto air conditioning repair or simply an A/C refrigerant recharge, we will diagnose and repair your A/C system accurately.

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Courtesy Inspections to Keep Your Vehicle Safe

Every auto repair at Stan’s Auto Service starts with a thorough inspection, including a road test and computerized scan to determine the root cause of your vehicle’s symptom. Once we discover the fault, we discuss a repair plan with you in detail so you can make a well-informed auto repair decision. We will perform only the repairs you authorize and will never suggest repairs that aren’t immediately necessary.

Great people made the service experience even better. They were able to find time to service my son's car when they were super busy. Thanks!

- Dan S., 4 Months ago

Went to get my whatever was causing my "Service Engine Soon" light to be on, which would've caused my vehicle to fail emissions, not only did they fix it after quoting a reasonable price, it was actually $100 less, and my "Low Tire Pressure" light was fixed.

- Stacey L., 5 Months ago

Stan's once again resolved issues effectively. The cost of repairs was less than their estimate, thus, displaying integrity. Stan's has been giving me effective auto repair service since 1986 and during that time has also shown integrity on several occasions.

- Ken K., 6 Months Ago

Green Auto Repair

Customers should know that every time they bring us their vehicle’s repairs or maintenance, they’re making an environmentally-conscious decision. Our team is all about saving your vehicle from costly repairs and early breakdowns through effective preventive maintenance services. We treat our customers like friends and family, and their vehicles like our own. Our certified techs maintain a tradition of savings through affordable service costs, vehicle value retention, and waste reduction.

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